Industrial and Municipal Pump Equipment

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Customer Support & After-Sale Service

The whole complex of equipment maintenance during the entire exploration period.


Be safe, be goldfinch safe
Home C3Design & Mounting

Dealing with complex tasks of modern infrastructure including product design, installation, adjustment and alignment.

Home C4Experienced Engineering Work

Product design and preparation of the production documentation for the technical task / assignment.

Home C6Professional Installation Overseas

Managerial help to the customers personnel regarding the construction, preparation and installation work.

Home C5Innovative Solutions

Unit and assembly development based on the most recent achievements in the pumping technology.

Working With Goldfinch Pumps


Our legacy is built upon our reputation for quality that sees return customers. Our number one priority is to make sure that we are not only offering efficient and reliable pump solutions for our clients, but also first class service and after-sales maintenance. We strive to provide the best warranty in the industry, which in combination with advanced and solid designs makes it a virtually trouble free and custom tailored experience for our customers. We stand firmly behind our products and feel confident that we can meet our customers’ expectations.


A wide range of available materials and layouts empowers us to offer solutions in multiple areas including the chemical and oil industry. Striving to provide the latest and safest products and services, our engineering team while following ANSI and API standards still integrates custom solutions that reflect your project needs rather than just offering you a standard product line. This transfers into improved efficiency, which in turn leads to long-term savings for our clients.


Goldfinch is proud to be one of the leading experts in the vertical pumps industry. We are constantly working on expanding and improving our product line in that field. We concentrate our efforts on Quality, Efficiency, and Durability.


Our product line is versatile and can be tailored for custom needs. We offer a variety of choices such as the Goldfinch standard product line that meets ANSI B73.2 requirements and can be expanded all the way to products that meet API 610 standards and beyond.

Who We Are?

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GOLDFINCH PUMPS, LLC offers a full cycle manufacturing process for industrial grade pumping equipment. Our company specializes in manufacturing a variety of commercial and municipal pumps. We offer multiple products that can work with aggressive, abrasive, and neutral types of pumping media. While our current product line can meet the varied requirements of different sectors in the fluid management industry, our engineering team is constantly working on offering new products and solutions to meet the fast pace of economic and technological advances while always focusing on efficiency, quality and durability. Goldfinch offers not just single products, but our engineering department can prepare complex key ready solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. Having a well established international market presence and experience, we can adjust our equipment to any standards our clients require. Located in the heart of the United States in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, we are easily reachable aim to provide a timely and speedy respond to any inquiries. Whether it is a new order or service call, we are here to fulfill your needs. Exceptional customer service, quality of our products and competitive pricing make us stand out among our competitors.

GOLDFINCH PUMPS are experts in the chemical and oil/gas industries as well as the municipal and other sectors in the fluid management industry. Working with us, you are assured of receiving the latest and superior technologies, improved materials, reliability, and performance

Thank you for your business.

Our engineering and production teams will work with you to come up with the best product solution suiting your needs.