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Goldfinch DEF SAFE pump

The Goldfinch DEF SAFE Pump is here. It is a new revolutionary product and the only product on the DEF market that truly guaranties protection from a Diesel Exhaust Fluid leak.

Unlike any other product on the market the Goldfinch DEF SAFE Pump has a patented “Dynamic Control” [patent pending] system that actively monitors any contaminants within the pump and stops the operation of the pump before any contamination take a place.

Goldfinch DEF SAFE pump is equipped with an outlet pipe that swivels. It provides convenience and flexibility when attaching the pipe at existing and new locations.

Goldfinch DEF SAFE pumps have a standard 2NPT outlet connection so it can be added to any preexisting or new site. The 2” Standard Quick disconnect adapter comes with the pump but other types of adapters are available upon the request.

Variable flow technology allows Goldfinch DEF SAFE to be used with up to 17 Nozzles simultaneously without compromising flow.

The UL/CSA certified electric motor is positioned outside the tank which enables easy service, prevents Diesel Exhaust Fluid to be exposed to the elements, and allows for more efficient hydraulics.

Each motor is supplied with heavy duty starter assemblies that are built to last even at applications with multiple start/stop cycles.

The patented valve assembly [patent pending] allows for quick service and does not require pump/pipes disassembly.

Meets and exceeds ISO 22241 requirements for DEF applications

Constructed with only high-quality materials and components

Industry leading 4 year warranty** ( Refer Warranty Policy)



Classification: Class 1, Group D, Division 1, EP

Certifications: UL/CSA

Operating Frequency / Voltage / Phase / Amps: 

P/N100-5920-000 - 3 phase, 60Hz, 208-230V/460V, 12.6-11.6/5.8 AMPS

P/N100-5950-000- 3 phase, 60Hz, 575V, 4.6 AMPS

Rated Output: 5 HP
Rated Speed: 3450 RPM
Rated Duty: 40C AMB
Duty Cycle: Continuous duty, greater than 30 start / stop cycles per hour

Enclosure rating: T4 Explosion-proof, fan cooled, CL1 Group C&D


Vertical Height: 15 Inch Reference

Diameter: 12 Inch Reference

Protection: Drip Cover, Moisture Drains, Integral Thermal Overloads

Weight: 105 lbs. Lifting hooks provided.




Application: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid/AdBlue) ISO 22241

Pump type: Vertical Immersion Pressure Pump with Impeller

In tank Operation Temperature Range +23F to +104F (-5C to +40C)

Storage Temperature Range -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)

Standards/Approval:  ISO 22241


8 Feet Tank Standard

Flange Bottom to End of Pump – 94”

Flange Bottom to Top of Motor – 23”

Overall Length – 117”

10 Feet Tank Standard

Flange Bottom to End of Pump – 119.5”

Flange Bottom to Top of Motor – 23”

Overall Length – 142.5”

Custom dimensions available per request

Tank Flange Interface

10Inch ANSI Flange opening required with minimum 10Inch ID

8 or 12 bolt-pattern compatible

5/8Inch or 7/8Inch bolt dimension compatible (stainless steel fastener set supplied)

Pressure ratings:

Line pressure maintained at the desired pressure through pressure relief valve at 32PSI using preset spacers. Pressure relief valve can be set up between 28PSI and 50PSI)

Duty Cycle:

Continuous duty, more than 30 start/stop cycles per hour


-       Minimum 4 Inch clearance from pump bottom to tank bottom

-       Minimum 4 Inch liquid submersion from pump bottom


85lbs – 8 Feet long

94lbs – 10 Feet long

DEF UST Systems

Automotive, Petrochemical, Marine, Agricultural


  • Goldfinch DEF Safe Pump is equipped with a “Dynamic Control” System that detects any internal or external leaks preventing any cross contamination of fluids. This is especially important for DEF liquid that requires high purity for proper use. 

  • Goldfinch DEF Safe Pump is designed to work under super heavy-duty cycles and is capable of processes with high flow demands.

  • Patented valve system maintains constant internal pressure regardless of number of Nozzles in use, prevents hydraulic shock in pipes and on the tip of the nozzle.

  • Optional recirculating system allows DEF sites to be operated under extreme low temperatures.

  • All relevant metal components are made from 304L stainless steel preventing potential DEF contamination

  • Motor assembly is located outside DEF tank, which can be removed/serviced without opening DEF tank.

  • Easy access valve system provides simple and fast access to valve O-rings. And does not require expensive repairs/services.

  • The only pump on the market equipped with multiple seals and a dynamic control system that in combination truly prevents any contamination of DEF liquid.

  • Multi-mode: Valve assembly can be set into: operation mode, line pressure test mode, service mode, and drain/open mode for complete drain of the pipe lines back to the tank.

  • Goldfinch DEF Safeco Pump carries best in the industry 4-year warranty**(Refer Warrnty Policy).

  • Pumps available at the manufacturing facility at the Lenexa, KS with a 2-day lead time.

  • Goldfinch Pumps also provides a comprehensive installation and troubleshooting service.