Industrial and Municipal Pump Equipment

Goldfinch Submersible Process Pump

Goldfinch column pumps are semi-submersible centrifugal sump pumps that are designed for pumping different media such as gas condensate, oil, oil products, fire hazardous liquids, water with oil or solid impurities and others. KVP pump series could be installed into underground tanks or other configuration tanks. Improved design and high quality components makes them virtually free of service and low cost of ownership.

Series: GFP-S; GFP-M
Flows: 40-900 GPM
Heads To: 300 Feet
Discharge: 1.5-8 inches
HP: 2.0-180
RPM: 3600; 1800; 1200; 900
Sump depth: 3-33 Feet
Temperatures: up to 250C (500F)
Over 40 sizes available
Standards: API 610; API 682; ASME (ANSI) B73.1 and B 73.2
Baseplate options: Rectangular; Circular


Water Supply and Treatment
Waste water
Sump drainage,
Air Conditioning
Power plants
Fuel production
Dewatering systems
Washing process
Filtering process
Paint Systems Plating
Pollution and flood Control
Irrigation and Ground water
Oil Sands and Shale

Oil and Gas
Chemical Processing
Water Resources
Power Generation
General Industries
Pulp and Paper
Chemical Processing


API610, API682, ASME (ANSI) B73.1 AND B73.2

  • Always primed
  • Compact single stage or multistage design
  • Adjustable impeller
  • Vapor sealed construction
  • Utilize standard C-face motors with up to 180 HP max power output.
  • Non - clog impeller design
  • Vertical, Top-Entry Tank Mounting eliminates potentially hazardous side or bottom connections.
  • Numerous Materials of Construction are available to suit application requirements.
  • ANSI Standard Casing Design is offered in a wide range of materials, including abrasion resistant high chrome iron, to suit
  • application requirements.

Baseplate options
o Rectangular

  • Non pressurized
  • Foundation or steel structure mounting

o Circular

  • DIN 2501 PN 6 - Tank Pressures to 6 bar (87 psi)
  • ANSI 150 lbs
  • ANSI 300 lbs

o Custom dimensions

  • Shaft sealing options

o API 610 compliant cartridge designs

  • Single mechanical seal, including dry running types
  • Unpressurized and pressurized double mechanical seal
  • Custom dimensions
  • Closed multivane impeller with front and back rear rings
  • Open multivane impeller with back vanes


  • Suction strainer
  • API Standard Seal Flush Plan 13 for primary seal. Buffer liquid in chamber between primary and secondary seals with volume enough for cooling and lubricating secondary seal for long operation without changing.
  • Multiple API seal flushing, buffer liquid and quench system piping plans
  • Instrumentation for leakage detection for both primary and secondary seals. External Reservoir and piping plans for buffer liquid not required.
  • Bearing cooling (API Plan A) Not Required. Drive shafting double shielded bearings are selected with required operation temperature.
  • Internal or external bearing flushing Not Required. Drive shafting with double shielded bearings greased for life eliminates
  • Internal or external bearing flushing system, reduce pump operation cost.
  • Pump Casing and Cover features metal to metal fit with fully confined, controlled compression gasket to endure proper sealing and alignment.
  • Suction Pipe
  • Dynamically Balanced Precision Cast Impeller minimizing vibrations and guarantees smooth operation over a range of flows.
  • Modular construction with a wide range of housings and impellers allows the hydraulics to be matched to the service requirements.
  • Thrust Pot with API 40° angular contact bearings in back-to-back arrangement enables standard electrical motors to be used and fulfills API 610 bearing life criteria.
  • Standard Reverse Vane Impeller offers repeatable performance throughout the life of the pump. Open impellers available for stringy or fibrous liquids
  • Large Basket Strainer resists corrosion, different materials available.
  • Factory Flanged Discharge system available in a variety of configurations and enhance installation process.
  • API 682 Seal Chambers allow for installation of single or dual unpressurized mechanical seals to meet required safety and environmental requirements.
  • A Gas Mechanical Seal provides the lowest fugitive emissions without complex piping, instrumentation or regulation. A complete instrumentation package is available to control the flow of buffer gas to the seal chamber and monitor critical operating parameters.
  • The Diffuser Casing Design balances the radial thrust. Regardless of the number of stages used, or the head developed by the pump, the radial load carried by the sleeve bearings is minimal.
  • Inducer can be added to reduce NPSHR to minimize tank inventory.
  • Front and Rear Repelling Vanes replace erosion-prone wear rings.
  • Deep Sump Settings in excess of 30 feet available.
  • Tailpipe available
  • Multiple Corrosion- and Abrasion-resistant Materials are available to suit application needs. Hard facing is available on critical shaft areas. Multiple Corrosion resistant material with Abrasion-resistant
  • Custom designs available for limits exceeding those that listed
  • Custom Engineered Slurry Hydraulics ensures safe, reliable and efficient performance.
  • High Chrome Iron Wet End resists abrasion. Increased wall thickness on the wearing parts offers longevity.
  • The Impeller is keyed to the pump shaft and secured using an impeller nut.
  • Repelling vanes reduce wear and recirculation.
  • Shafts are designed to operate approximately 30% below the first critical speed.