Industrial and Municipal Pump Equipment

Goldfinch Slurry & Solids Vertical Pump

Goldfinch column pumps are semi-submersible centrifugal sump pumps that are designed for pumping different media such as gas condensate, oil, oil products, fire hazardous liquids, water with oil or solid impurities and others. KVP pump series could be installed into underground tanks or other configuration tanks Improved design and high quality components makes them virtually free of service and low cost ownership.

Models: SKP-S; SKP-M
Flows: 40-900 GPM
Heads To: 180 Feet
Discharge: 1.5-8 inches
HP: 2.0-180
RPM: 1800; 1200; 900
Sump depth: 3-33 Feet
Solids up to 30mm
Solids 2% to 55% by weight
Standards: API 610; API 682; ASME (ANSI) B73.1 and B 73.2
Baseplate options: Rectangular; Circular
Temperatures: up to 250C (500F)


Waste Stock
Flash Tanks
Pulp and Paper
Cellulose Fiber Slurries
Flood Control
Auxiliary Services (power)
Ground Water Development and Irrigation
Offsites and Waste Treatment
Sewage Collection and Treatment
Coatings (pulp and paper)
Waste Processing
Water Supply and Distribution (water)
Food Processing
Flue Gas Desulfurization
Leaching Acid
Primary Processing (mining)
Slurry Transfer (mining)
Dewatering and Water Supply (mining)
Scale Recycle
Sump Service
Wet Pit
Dry Pit
Mineral Processing
Residuum and Heavy Oil Upgrading

Scale Recycle
Water Treatment
Water Supply and Distribution
Slurry Transfer
Wastewater Collection and Treatment
Slurry Processing
Power Generation
General Industries
Pulp and Paper
Water Resources
Primary Metals
Leaching Acid
Primary Processing
Slurry Transfer
Heavy Oil and Upgrading
Pulp and Paper
Chemical Processing
Oil and Gas
Miscellaneous Services
Waste Processing

  • Standards: API610 (VS4), ISO 13709, ASME (ANSI) B73.1 AND B73.2
  • Various Impeller and Casing Designs allow hydraulics to be matched with the service requirements.
  • Available front and rear repelling vanes to replace erosion-prone wear rings.
  • Fully insulated dry column
  • No bearing flushing required even with extreme temperatures
  • Fully enclosed service free ball bearings
  • Multiple Corrosion- and Abrasion-resistant Materials are available to suit application needs. Hard facing is available on critical shaft areas.
  • Semi-open, full vane impeller with back pump-out vanes prevents clogging in tough, pulpy applications and reduces axial unbalance and pressure on mechanical seal.
    Multiple mechanical seal layouts available including single, tandem, opposite and other plans in accordance with API standards.


  • Heavy-duty alloy steel shaft
  • Direct coupled or V-belt driven
  • Choice of materials
  • Cast iron
  • Chrome steel
  • 316 SS
  • 316L SS
  • 317L SS
  • CD4MCu
  • CA6NM
  • Worthite
  • Others
  • Rubber coded impeller is pressure molded to ductile iron frame and includes pump-out vanes on front and rear shroud to reduce pressure on mechanical seal and suction recirculation.
  • Hard metal facing available on the expeller
  • Hydraulically balanced and prevents air-lock and solids accumulation.
  • Hard metal casing made from abrasion and corrosion resistant high chrome iron and incorporates specially reinforced suction nozzle to reduce pipe swirl.
  • Multiple material choices for mechanical seals
  • Choice of liner materials
  • Natural Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Hypalon
  • Nitrile
  • Chlorobutyl
  • Urethane
  • Ceramic
  • Others